Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Edinburgh : Vegetarian at David Bann

Hello!  I know I've taken a long hiatus, and I'm lucky to say that I took a long holiday since my course is over and I had Easter break. First my mother came to visit me in Leeds and we headed up to Scotland, to the beautiful city of Edinburgh.  Of the many things I enjoyed, one highlight was the well known vegetarian restaurant David Bann.  Feast your eyes on the delicious meal we shared there:
To start: Smoked mushroom and basil ravioli with tomato basil soup
the soup functioned as a light sauce and the mushrooms had a great full, almost meaty flavor
Tartlet of blue cheese and slow dried tomato 
Scrumptious. I feel like a cheese tartlet is a must for a vegetarian menu
Mains:  Rice pancake with spicy potato, cauliflower, chick peas and cashews 
with spice, coconut and mint raita, it was certainly an homage to indian cuisine and protein from the chick peas and cashews made this very hearty!
Jerusalem artichoke and celeriac with puff pastry
I did not know celeriac could be so delicious.  it all was very tender and the wine, sage and cream sauce along with the puff pastry made this rich and decadent. 

Celeriac would be a great replacement for a starch, why not give it a try with this Jamie Oliver smashed celeriac recipe ?
We were too full for dessert, even though I did have my eye on the "ginger and lime ice cream with orange cake" :) The prices weren't ridiculous and the atmosphere was nice but simple and quiet.  Non veggies and veggies alike will enjoy the wonderful flavor combinations; the menu does not disappoint in imagination or taste! Hopefully these dishes will inspire some of you to do "meatless monday" 
happy eating x

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