Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy start

Along with getting your 7-9 hrs of sleep, it's important to have a healthy breakfast...need to jump start your body and mind.
scrambled egg w tomato, topped with avocado on whole grain toast

I always try to have protein/egg and some fruit. and I always have coffee!  Now that clementines are in season I have been snacking on those (and oranges) a lot, since eating fruit is better than drinking juice - lighter on sugar and calories.  These days I drink mainly water and tea - I rarely have diet soda anymore, it's soo bad for you!  If you drink a lot of soda or diet soda, try going off it for a month - you will lose weight! Believe me. plus, I'd rather save those calories for delicious food :)
Here's to happy and healthy yous! x

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