Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Travel Food Log: Street Treats in Siem Reap, Cambodia

sorry i have been M.I.A. - i cooked so much over the holidays, but also was busy with family, so i haven't posted photos yet! now i'm in the middle of exams.  BUT i just got my almost lost photos from cambodia and came across this tasty street treat! no, i didn't try it, but now on second thought i think i should have! look spicy ;)

when passing fields by motorbike, car, or tuk tuk, you can see plastic sheets hung up with fluorescent lights attached to them, in the bottom a shallow pool of water.  what are those for? i asked. why catching crickets at night of course! they are attracted to the light then fall into the water, then fried to crispy perfection the next day.

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  1. I would try it just to say I did In Mexico they eat dried Grasshoppers. I had one. At least fried Crickets are CRUNCHY!