Sunday, December 4, 2011

German Christmas Market

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it's the beginning of December, everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit, and all across Europe Christmas markets are popping up.  I love spending time at markets tasting food and looking at crafts in the crisp early winter weather.

a market staple: massive bratwursts on a massive grill.
mini pancakes/cakes with many toppings
roasted nuts of all varieties and flavors...the smells were intoxicating!
marshmallows coated in different flavored chocolate
pretzel sandwiches - ham, cheese and tomato and also one that had cranberry and camembert, mmm.
i'm kind of regretting i didn't get one, looking at this!
mine (wish there was more salt though!)
potato pancakes (or latkes!) with apple sauce. 
this inspired me to make my own latkes at home with some friends the other night - photos to come!

happy pre-christmas activities to all xo

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