Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Love

This Thanksgiving was as wonderful as it could get without being with my family!  Thanks to technology though, I spent the day cooking and tweeting and exchanging photos over whatsapp with my sister so we could share the food and family love!  Hope your Thanksgiving meals were excellent!  Mine ended tired, full, satisfied and very happy.  As it should be.

12 O'clock Noon:
herbs  (said with the H) for the turkey. the lemon thyme and the tarragon were, well, yes, as waitrose says -tantalising.
love sea salt flakes
smeared with butter, salt, black pepper and herbs
1:30 pm: into the oven, birdy!
fresh figs are delicious and they're beautiful
mashed potatoes - classic, with parsley (and butter but not too much since the potatoes were wonderfully creamy themselves!)
green bean casserole (soo american) made night before - with crispy shallots! yum.
time to tent the turkey! (is that a thing??)
4:00 pm: mashing the sweet potatoes
my friend Hannah's amazing pumpkin pie! crust made with pure lard of course.
and mini apple pies! brilliant.
5:00 pm: ok gross but necessary - making the gravy!
whisking requires strength...from lager.
caramelized onion, fig and goat cheese (added after baking) tart <3
turkey - nice and crispy skin!
Hannah's excellent carving job
marshmellows + sweet potatoes is decidedly american
good company, the most important ingredient of thanksgiving dinner :)
one guest brought great cheese selection, which included a crumbly, vintage cheddar, aged gouda and camembert
mini apple pie with whipped cream, perfect sweet ending.

much love and many thanks to my family and friends - i'd be nothing without you.

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