Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy udon noodle soup

My housemate noticed that I eat noodles almost every day...yes, it's true, they're my favorite! I often make this udon noodle soup for myself for lunch or dinner - it's easy and can be made with tofu, chicken, shrimp or egg, + vegetables - I like cabbage, or seaweed, spinach, whatever you like.  Here I just used some bok choy and tofu.

1. For broth you can use either chicken or vegetable broth/ stock, or make a miso broth, in which case you wouldn't add soy sauce.
for my quick broth I boil some water and use a chicken bouillon cube (for about 2 cups water). Then reduce to medium low heat.

2. Add some soy sauce to the broth.

3. Add some chopped green onion (optional, nice when I have it)

4. Next put in some tofu, cut into cubes - I'd say use a medium firm one.

5. Put the bok choy (or veggie of choice) in a strainer on top of the pot then cover it, creating a steamer.
 (you can cook it in the broth, but it will flavor the broth a bit so keep that in mind!)

6. Next put the noodles in, I prefer the precooked kind (looks like this) it only takes a few minutes, recover with the steamer -the bok choy should be cooked when the noodles are done.

7. Then I like to sprinkle my favorite Japanese seasoning - Shichimi-togarashi which is a 7 spices blend and includes black sesame seeds :) or add sriracha sauce to the broth, which I love! (it's very spicy).  Or top with meat.
Happy Noodle Slurping~ x

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