Friday, October 21, 2011

Leeds City Market

Leeds City Market claims to be the largest covered market in Europe!  They have everything ranging from food to clothing, shoes, bikes, and other kitschy knick knacks.  A good activity for a rainy day (of which here there are many) plus you can get very good deals on food items, especially if you come towards the end of the day!  I loved hearing butchers and producers yelling out their prices as I walked by ~ 

british cheddar..and sweeter cheeses with fruit (mature cheddar with branston pickle sandwiches are amazing) however must get to that on my next post ;)
cute breakfast spot...real "homestyle fry" as my friend said
UK specialities: scotch eggs .. basically a hard boiled egg wrapped in meat (a bit suspect if you ask me) and "black pudding" a misleading name, since it is basically blood sausage!
seafood - and look, there's a 10% student discount - the UK is great with student discounts.
the smells wafting from this chicken rotisserie place were heavenly! whole chickens 3 pounds, at the end of the day my friend got a whole for just 1! I took a leg home for dinner..mmm!
of course, fish and chips - which I admit, I have not tried proper fish and chips yet!
Maybe this weekend..x

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