Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travel Food Log: Fruit Shakes and Sandwiches in Luang Prabang, Laos

What is the best thing to drink on a hot humid day in buggy but breathtakingly beautiful Laos?  Why, a fruit shake of course!  By fruit shake I'm talking fresh fruit, (in any combos as well as ones shown above) plus a bit of simple syrup or condensed milk, and plenty of ice, blended to perfection.  So delicious and refreshing, and just what I crave in the hot hot heat of summer.  Note the oreo shake on the top row...decadent. 

Due to the French occupation of Laos, good breads and cakes and such can be found around the country.  These crusty baguettes are offered with nutella, laughing cow cheese, jam or peanut butter; as well as options of chicken, tuna or pork, topped with veggies and hot sauce to your liking.  A fruit shake and a baguette sandwich costs around 2 dollars...that's (almost) the best part. 

Since my trip there in May 2011, I find myself constantly reminded of this amazing country, with rolling green jungle and the brown Mekong river, and some of the most friendly people I've encountered on my journeys so far x

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