Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my food profile

Before I start, a little more of what I love...

I love: savory and spicy flavors - the spice that makes your throat and lips feel like they're on fire! But not spice that has no flavor.  One of my favorites is the Chinese flavor of "suan la" 酸辣, which is sour and hot.   I also love crispy textures- I'm addicted to potato chips and also french fries...pretty much anything potato.  I also could eat fresh tomatoes plain or with every meal if I could.  I'm also obsessed with noodles and soup, and noodle soup!  I have visited China frequently since I was young and just lived in Beijing for two years...I already miss the endless tasty eats, at your fingertips all times of day!  I have also traveled around Asia a lot and tasting new food and flavors is one of my favorite things about exploring a new culture.
Rice noodle soup in Laos. Topped with basil, cilantro and red onion. May 2011.
My favorite herbs: basil, Thai basil, coriander/cilantro, thyme, mint, and flat leaf parsley.  

I prefer the more fresh and delicate flavors of Asian cuisines, (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese) as well as Mediterranean, versus heavy, creamy and rich flavors.  I actually do not like cream sauces, except for my truffle mac and cheese! 

Worth the fat: Cheese!!  I am moving to England for graduate school and cannot wait to devour some Stilton, among others...I actually met someone recently who doesn't like cheese, and honestly I cannot wrap my head around that thought! Crazy person!  I am not a big dessert person but would always welcome an apple pie or a moist chocolate cake.  I have a very selective and limited sweet tooth, I cannot handle too much sweet without a bite of something salty!

Also, I only eat chicken, turkey, duck, fish and seafood.  Basically, I do not eat anything with four legs...it's not called anything, it's just simply what I eat!  At a young age I learned I hated beef and could not even swallow it, and to be honest, I think pigs are seriously adorable (though I do think I would enjoy pork).  I was a vegetarian when I was little until high school, so I do like to cook a lot of non-meat dishes as well. 
Why I love food:  It can evoke strong feelings and brings people together, not only family and friends, but across cultures. Cooking can be great therapy.  Food nourishes you in every way possible. x

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